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ClinicGrower’s dental marketing infrastructure delivers new pre-paid patients, and ROI for sustainable and profitable growth.

Intelligent Marketing For Dental Practices.

The U.S’s dental industry is a huge opportunity, and dental practices need a steady flow of new patients to succeed.

There are more than 167,000 full-time dentists in the US. Dentistry in the US is a $160 Billion industry that employs over 1.2 Million people!

ClinicGrower helps dental and orthodontic practices grow by delivering consistent, reliable results. Our full program includes new patients, gross production, systems, and support for sustainable and profitable growth.

39 Hours

Average time saved each month by practices using our GROW Program


Average increase in new patient consults with this system


ROI generated from our top aesthetic practices

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Big-Time Results With Boutique Agency Attention

Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Here are some benefits of using our dental marketing plans in your business:

1. Results: We take a results and ROI-centric approach to deliver results for your dental practice.

2. New (Pre-Paid) Patient Consults: We do the work for you! Our team calls, schedules and receives payments for your Pre-Paid, New Client Consults to increase show rates and production.

3. Competitive Advantage: Unlock competitive advantages with us, such as trained staff, technology, and 1-on-1 coaching to add $1M revenue in 1 year.

We work exclusively with aesthetic, medical and dental practices.

We’ve worked with 150+ practices all across America

Top practices generate over 40:1 ROI from our programs

Top Dentists Love ClinicGrower

Dr. Prada saw high-value patients within the first week with ClinicGrower.

From other agencies to going solo with Google, Facebook etc, Dr. Prada had already tried everything!

ClinicGrower Started Delivering Patients in the First Week…Our program created the ability for him to consistently, and predictably acquire new HIGH-VALUE patients for his practice.

"Pre-Paid Cash
Paying Clients. Love
This 28:1 ROI!"


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What Our Doctors Say

“50-60 New Patients each MONTH! AMAZING!”
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Vein & Vascular

Dr. M Nellestein

“I Tried everything – I GUARANTEE the one that paid off the most for me is ClinicGrower” 

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Dr. T Jeneby

“We’ve made over $1.3M in revenue! They’ve gone above and beyond!”

How we can ensure growth
for your dental practice

ClinicGrower finds local patients in need of dental services. Our trained team qualifies leads and takes pre-payments. Our system books patients into your calendar. We provide a support system to ensure your success and profitability.

Strategy For Success

Our team creates a custom plan for consistent results and differentiation. We're invested in maximizing your time and money efficiently and effectively.

Beautiful Visuals

We implement a proven process with visually appealing ads, designed to grab the viewer's attention, pique their interest in your services, & to book more consults.

Video Production

Our video ads are a highly engaging, attention grabbing, and effective way to communicate the value of your practice's treatments and services to potential patients & clients.


We craft compelling copy that communicates your values to potential clients, attracting new business, building trust, & generating more pre-paid, cash-paying clients.

Digital Advertising

We design, implement, and manage end-to-end digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to your practice for the best results and highest possible ROI.

Appointment Booking

We handle inbound AND outbound calls and texts for all leads generated through our program. This saves you of time, creates efficiency, and increases conversions.

Pre-Paid Patients

Our process optimizes for Pre-Paid Patients, and Cash-Paying Clients. This is a highly-attractive option and a predictable source of new revenue each month

Revenue Growth

We track and automate key metrics, providing crucial data at your fingertips to gain valuable insight and help make informed decisions that maximize profitability.


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