About ClinicGrower

Brad and Bref

We grow your practice with a proven system that guarantees patients, growth, and a return on your investment. We do so much more than marketing. Our practices want a program that delivers consistent results: patients, practice revenue, growth, and profits. We provide you with Done-For-You patient acquisition, digital marketing, coaching, consulting, and support to scale your practice, profitably.

ClinicGrower is the only medical marketing company that provides a complete Done-For-You Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) service that helps medical and dental practices take over their marketing so they can focus on seeing more new patients, growing their practice and increasing profits.

We also provide a complete step-by-step training course on attracting new patients, handling leads, scheduling, systems training, phone scripts with *actual* practice-growth management and high performance consulting in our mastermind group. If you’re truly serious in growing your practice (and you want to be the LEADER in your communities) then you’re in the right place!

Meet The ClinicGrower Team


Bref McHugh

Founder & CEO


Brad Ferris

VP Marketing, Co-Owner


Brittiany Tutwiler

Client Success manager


Charli Cotner

Operations Manager

Arnold du Plessis

Ad Results Manager


Courtney Reid

Organic & New Traffic Specialist

Kyle Saddington

Campaign Performance Specialist

Osiely Mendez

Systems Engineer

Mark Tenaca

Data Specialist

Carlos Garcia

Appointment Booking Specialist

Ricardo Canelón Arrieche

Appointment Booking Specialist

Gabriela Morales

Appointment Booking Specialist

Francisco Granja

Appointment Booking Specialist

We work exclusively with healthcare, medical and dental practices.
We grow your practice, profitably so you can maximize your contribution.

You can tap into our experience in practice growth, actual medical qualifications.

Worked with 100+ doctors all across


Top practices generate over 10:1 ROI from our programs

Book your free intro call and practice-growth consultation for your practice. It’s the most valuable 15-minutes you’ll spend on your business this year!