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We consistently connect medical, dental and aesthetic practices with your Ideal, High-Value Patients. So you can grow your practice;  profitably. Our award-winning marketing and clinical team provide new patient acquisition services, support and technology.

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“70% of New Patients come from ClinicGrower! 200% Increase in NP Volume”

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Best Medical Marketing Agency

Ready to rapidly increase new patient flow, practice revenue and profits?

New patients are EVERYWHERE! You may be amazed at how quickly you can attract a steady flow of new patients online. At ClinicGrower we grow your practice with proven systems that guarantee patients, growth and a return on your investment. 

We do way more than marketing; our practices want a program that delivers the results and patients that you need for sustainable and profitable growth now and for years to come.

Book your free intro call to get your custom action plan for more (high-value) patients, less headaches and the results you’re looking for in a proven partner like ClinicGrower.

Best Medical Marketing Agency for Dentists, Chiropractors, Aesthetics, Med Spa, Plastic Surgeons, Vein & Vascular Clinics
Best Medical Marketing Agency for Cosmetic Dentists, Vein & Vascular Clinics

Time to modernize how you attract patients?

Life as a successful doctor, dentist or practice owner has changed dramatically over recent times and continues to change rapidly. To Build a New Patient Acquisition Machine and Successfully GROW your practice… You need a plan…you need a blueprint…and you need a proven process to get from where you are…to where you want to go. 

From working with and analyzing hundreds of practices, we’ve found that the most successful 7-Figure and even 8-Figure Practices had a system to generate new (high-value) patients and referrals consistently.

Best Medical Marketing Agency

How it works

Imagine if you could count on a predictable stream of new high-value patients showing up every month. As your growth partner, we do EVERYTHING For You To Get Patients Into Your Practice!

1. Generate

We create a custom infrastructure to generate new patients, new practice revenue, and GUARANTEED Results for your business.

2. Reach

Our systems and technology consistently reach and attract your IDEAL patients, increase your show rate and close more new patient cases.

3. Optimize

Our proprietary process, plus hands-on coaching helps you save time, increase staff performance, reduce no-shows and increase production.

4. Win

With end-to-end tracking of the entire new patient journey and high-converting treatment acceptance by following and implementing our process.

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Growing a successful medical or dental practice is about so much more than just marketing. We create systems to make sure that your marketing works, and we also provide extensive support in other areas of your practice to maximize conversions and provide an optimal experience for generating new patients. Explore some of our (free) Practice Growth resources here:

Practice Growth Blueprint

We share dozens of secrets, strategies, and case studies to help you scale your practice 7-Figures and beyond

Hiring Masterclass

Hiring and retaining Top Talent is a Key To Success for your practice. Discover what’s working now

Advertising Strategies To Attract Patient 2.0

Access the latest advertising strategies and tips to attract more patients. We’ll show you how to get the most bang for your marketing budget.

Code of Conduct Template

FREE Resource to help you develop and maintain a standard of conduct that is acceptable to your company, customers, and employees.

Our Services

We Combine Services To Connect You With Your Ideal Patients, In Order To Grow Your Practice Consistently, Reliably And Profitably.

Digital Marketing For Doctors

We design, build and manage digital marketing programs for doctors. Attract more of your ideal patients, become the leader in your market and ultimately, scale your practice profitably.

Social Media Advertising

Win new patients and positively influence people in your community be positioning your practice the right way on social media. Generate more leads, appointments and practice revenue and production.

Search Engine Optimization

Become the #1 Choice and be found by more patients online. Our SEO programs will consistently boost your local visibility and get you more calls and more new patient appointments.

Google Ads & PPC

We identify your ideal patient and make sure you show up in the right place exactly when someone is looking for you or for similar services as yours. Get to the Top of Google Immediately.

Practice Growth Coaching

Gain continuing education for your entire team! This is the stuff they didn't teach you in medical or dental school. Our Practice-Growth Coaching & Consulting gives you and your team a competitive edge in your market.

A.I, Automation & Technology

Our technology acts like an ENGINE to consistently pump new patients into your practice. Artificial Intelligence and Automation saves your team time and makes you money.

TikTok For Docs

Doctor influencers are having major impact on the platform and are now able to connect with viewers in new ways. Combine the rapidly growing power of TikTok to deliver incredibly efficient results (~50% lower cost per leads)

Appointment Booking & Call Center

Manage patients and clients better and faster. Enhancing the Patient Experience With HIPAA-Compliant Answering Services. Just like having fulltime front desk staff outside your office, working M-Sa, with no sick-days, no benefits, no drama!

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Medical Marketing Agency for Cosmetic Dentists, Vein & Vascular Clinics

Like the practices we serve, we are specialists. We specialize in generating high-value patients. During a strategy call, we define the characteristics and persona of these ideal patients for your practice. Then we create a system to attract and convert these patients, consistently, to grow your practice. We’ve been doing this successfully for practices across North American since 2017.

ClinicGrower was founded in 2017 and is privately owned. Learn more about our leadership here.

ClinicGrower  Provide The Proven Systems, Support & Reliable ROI You REALLY Need to Scale Your Practice Profitably. 

We provide multi-channel marketing, automation, and clinical conversion systems. Attract the right patients to your practice on autopilot. Our end-to-end programs deliver ROI for private practice owners.

Trust the team that has already been to medical school, and successfully scaled practices.

With clarity comes confidence. That’s why we provide a transparent dashboard where you can see your results in real-time, on top of the consistent reporting that deliver. You’ll also notice increases in your collections and associated back accounts.

Simply reach out and reserve your complimentary, free strategy session with us today. 

We Help You Get Your Schedule Jam-Packed with Your Ideal Patients. STOP Messing Around With 'Other Marketing Agencies'.
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